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2017 /2018Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge – Hong Kong

2017 /2018Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge – Hong Kong


The 2017/2018 Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge – Hong Kong which will take place from October 9 – 11, 2017 in Hong Kong at Festival Walk Glacier, Hong Kong.

We are pleased to enclosed herewith the announcement and the necessary forms of Asian Junior Figure Skating Challenge – Hong Kong.

Please pay attention to the following:

  • Passport Copy must be uploaded.
  • Please fill in the forms by computer and make sure the information are correct as any amendment may cause extra fee.
  • Amendment of any information (including Planned Program Content) of the entry after the deadline will be charged. Details please refer to the announcement.
  • Late payment will be treated as withdrawal from the competition.
  • To nominate judges, please note that each judge need to fill in the attached form ID990A with passport copy and one photo. Please send us the signed original copy before August 20, 2017 so that we have enough time to apply the visa for you.


FORM 01 Composition of Delegation

FORM 02 Entry Form for Competitors

FORM 03 Entry Form for Judges

FORM 04 Hotel Sheet

FORM 05 Team Travel Form

FORM 06 Declaration

FORM 07 Competition Music Information

FORM 08 Planned Program Content


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