Hong Kong Skating Union 香港滑冰聯盟

Hong Kong Team

As the only member sanctioned by ISU and ASU in Hong Kong, HKSU is authorized to form Hong Kong Teams to participate in ISU events, ISU sanctioned events, ASU events, ASU sanctioned events and any events complying with ISU General Regulations.

As the representatives of Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong Teams and Training Teams will participate in HKSU sanctioned events and reflect the image of Hong Kong. For Ordinary and Junior members, please submit the completed HK representative registration form to join one of the Hong Kong Teams or Training Teams. Eligible applicants will be approved by the Executive Committee according to the competency and record of conduct. The Executive Committee reserves the right to disqualify any members of Hong Kong Teams or Training Teams who accountable for acts of misconduct. Moreover, the Executive Committee can approve and members who can contribute and facilitate the development of HKSU to join the teams as an exceptional case regardless of any of the above-mentioned regulations.

Hong Kong Figure Skating National Team
Name of Team Member Date of Join
LEE Harry Hau Yin 2008-Sep
TO Hon Lam 2008-Sep
LEUNG Kwun Hung 2010-Jan
CHUNG Wayne Wing Yin 2011-Jun
MA Maisy Hiu Ching 2011-Jun
CHIK Tsz Ying 2011-Dec
SO Joanna 2012-May
YUEN Lap Kan Lincoln 2012-May
YIM Chelsea Chiyan 2014-Sep
KWONG Hiu Ching 2015-Feb
LEUNG Yi Christy 2015-Mar
HO Vinci 2015-May
NG Nathalie 2015-May
IP Leslie Man Cheuk 2015-Aug
CHAN Tsin Nam Nicole 2015-Oct
CHOW Hiu Lok 2016-Jan
WONG Harrison 2016-Apr
CHOW Hiu Yau 2016-Nov
Hong Kong Figure Skating Youth National Team
Name of Team Member Date of Join
CHUI Hao Qing Charlotte 2011-Feb
LEE Yat Long Cherry 2012-Dec
CHAN Joyce Selina 2013-Jul
CHAU Priscilla June 2013-Jul
YUEN Po Yan 2013-Jul
YU Hoi Tik Rachel 2013-Sep
CHOI Chung Ki 2014-Apr
CHAN Annette Clare 2014-May
CHEUNG Cheuk Ka Kahlen 2015-May
LEUNG Ho Yu 2015-May
LI Hoi Ching 2015-Nov
NG-BROSSARD Chloe Yee Tsing 2016-Mar
CHUI Jada Emily 2016-Mar
YIP Kei Wing 2016-Apr
ZHAO Heung Lai Jacky 2016-Aug
CHAN Mei Ning 2017-Jan
CHAN Nim Yan 2017-Jan
CHAN Tsz Ching 2017-Feb
Hong Kong Figure Skating Pre-Youth National Team
Name of Team Member Date of Join
CHAU Han Wan 2016-Apr
CHUI Zhi Qing May 2016-Apr
LAM Wai Sum 2016-May
LEUNG Man Yan Amy 2016-Aug
NG Megan Ji Ying 2016-Aug
CHEUNG Chiu Hei 2017-Feb
Hong Kong Ice Dance Youth National Team
Name of Team Member Date of Join
So Wing Yi Valerie 2016-May
Hong Kong Short Track Speed Skating National Team
Name of Team Member Date of Join
WANG Xinyue 2007-Aug
LUI Pan To Barton 2008-Sep
CHAN Sze Wai 2013-Oct
TSANG Kei Wing Kelvin 2013-Oct
CHU Sidney K 2015-Jun
TAM Wing Shuen 2016-Mar
KWOK Tsz Fung 2016-Nov
Hong Kong Short Track Speed Skating Youth National Team
Name of Team Member Date of Join
CHAN Sze Long 2011-Dec
CHEUNG Liege 2014-Apr
CHAN Ho Tung 2015-Jun
CHAN Sum Wing 2015-Jun
CHANG Sum Kiu 2015-Jun
KWOK Tsz Ho 2015-Jun
LO E Lik 2015-Jun
NG Cheuk Yin 2015-Jun
LAM Ching Yan 2015-Sep
CHOW Chit 2016-Nov
TSUI Shan Fung 2017-Jan
CHEN Marvin Jiale 2017-Apr


 Download HKSU Members’ Application Form for Hong Kong Teams


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